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Captain and Mermaid

Beach Towel- 100% Cotton

Beach Towel- 100% Cotton

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Handmade from the finest 100% natural cotton - gentle on the skin and suitable for sensitive skin

 Super absorbent and quick drying unlike regular towels - hygienic and free of pollutants and chemicals

Finely crafted cotton fibres that change during washing making them softer with every wash

washable up to 60 degrees

 Suitable for children and infants

 Versatile - Use it at the beach or when you're done with a steam bath or workout at the gym


Please wash it before using it for the first time:

You can put the towel in cold water for 6 to 12 hours before the first wash. This will open the cotton fibres and therefore it can absorb more water.

 It is recommended that you wash the towel at 40 degrees with like-coloured fabrics. After that, you can easily wash it up to 60 degrees

Fabric softener is not necessary, as the towel will naturally become softer with every wash.

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