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Pink Clay Mask 100% Natural Kaolin Clay - Korean Skin Care

Pink Clay Mask 100% Natural Kaolin Clay - Korean Skin Care

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Cleanse, Purify & Brighten Your Skin
Enriched with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid


Give your skin a radiant glow! Meme Australian Pink Clay Mask made with 100% natural Kaolin clay sourced from mineral-rich regions of Australia will provide you with a deep cleanse to help give your face a super refreshing look and feel

 A Korean formula is an anti-ageing face cream that is vegan and cruelty-free to ensure the best quality for you. It helps reduce skin inflammation and reduces itching and redness caused by acne and eczema so you get silky smooth skin!

 The mask gets deep in pores and unclogs them of impurities like dirt, bacteria, pollutants, blackheads and toxins leaving them clean and purified. It’s made with witch hazel which promotes a faster recovery process.

This pink face mask balances and improves your complexion by reducing the appearance of pores, minimizing shine without drying out your skin. Get happier and healthier skin to exude elegance anywhere!

100% vegan







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